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I have a strong belief in the power of art, a deep admiration of nature and a fascination with storytelling. While these qualities are prominent in my personal artwork, I do commercial work and private art classes as well. In 2013 I started studying photography at art school in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and now I am studying at the University of Colorado back in my beautiful hometown of Boulder, Colorado.

My Work

I am an artist and private art teacher for all ages. My mediums include  printmaking, photography, ceramics, illustration, macrame, and bookmaking. I do both commercial work and commissioned fine art (feel free to contact me for more information) while finishing by  BFA in Printmaking from CU Boulder. My goal is to make art available to anyone who could benefit from it (which is everyone!). Please follow me in my journey- any form of support is always incredibly appreciated.


I can be reached through my contact page, or email me directly. Please don't hesitate with any questions or feedback.

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